The excursions through the open landscape that Stefan Meier (Zurich) engages in during the summer, guided by maps and compass, concentrates on the relation between the drawn location system of the map and his own sense of the environment. This research is later on, during winter, transformed into art works in his studio. At Quartair he will present a wallpaper based on 60-degrees triangle grid patterns derived from Arabic ornaments. The patterns give an impression of water surface inspired by an experience during a one month sailing trip through the Baltic Sea.
Aus dem Pressetext der Ausstellung

Ausgestellt in:
Quartair – Contemporary Art Initiatives, The Hague
EXPEDITION OF SLOWNESS, 14 april – 6 may
‚A surprising look at the sea by an international group of artists‘.
Klara Hobza (Berlin), Dorota Lukianska (Gothenburg), Stefan Meier (Zurich), Cora Piantoni (Munich/Zurich),
Stefan Wischnewski (Munich)